Lemongrass Thai Restaurant


Grilled Chicken Satay (3) $5.15

Topped with peanut sauce and served with cucumber relish

Fresh Summer Rolls (2) $5.00

Lettuce, cucumber, carrot, bean sprout, vermicelli and shrimps rolled in soft rice shells

Fried Thai Egg Rolls (3) $5.00

Fried vegetable rolls served with sweet & sour sauce

Fried Tofu (8) $5.25

Served with tamarind-peanut dip

Fried Calamari (10) $6.25

Fry to a golden brown and served with chili sauce

Gyoza (8) $5.65

Dumpling filled with mixture of chicken, pork and vegetables (steamed or fried)

Shrimp Shumai (9) $5.35

Steamed dumplings stuffed with shrimp and vegetables

Crab Rangoon (5) $5.95

Deep-fried dumplings stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese and crab meat

Steamed Edamame $3.95

108 Seaweed Salad $4.65

304 Grilled Beef Salad $9.00

Grilled beef steak with cucumber, onion, tomato and chili peppers tossed in a lime juice dressing


Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
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